Safety principle

Confidentiality preservation is one of the main tasks assigned to the developers of 'Alpha Solution'. The specialists managed to create an almost perfect security system for our clients.
To ensure the protection of personal data, the developers have implemented a method using the OTP code. One Time Password is a temporarily protected PIN that is sent to a valid active phone number. A temporary password is valid for one session, after a request it comes within 2 - 3 minutes. Step-by-step algorithm for entering the courier and client application:

1. To enter the application of the client and the courier, the client or the courier enters a mobile phone number (mandatory with the country code). A few minutes later he receives an SMS message with One Time Password.
2. The password is entered, verification takes place and the platform lets the client or courier pass.
To enter the admin panel or partner's application, a unique password and username are created during authorization. Based on the introduction of this information, a person can enter the system.
All data is not saved, it is encoded, so the data is reliably protected from hacking or theft by fraudsters.

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