Partners App

App's features

The work of the application of the conclusion in the processing of the order from the moment of its registration until the receipt by the client. Every shop, restaurant, pharmacy, flower shop has its own account. To log in, enter a password and username. Through the application, the partner controls the number of orders, conducts marketing programs, tracks delivery, etc.

- When ordering, a notification is received about the creation of an order for a dish, product.
- Managing the opening hours of the establishment.
- Control over the accounting of income, profits and debts.
- Communication with the operator.
- View history. Based on the history, it can be seen which positions are performed better on the day chosen by the partner.
- Change of status. The partner changes the status (shows a dish, product on the page or “closes” for access). The option is in demand in the catering industry when there is a shortage of ingredients for the preparation of a certain dish.
- The system will become indispensable for cafes, restaurants, shops, markets and pharmacies.

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