Delivery route optimization

How to correctly build a route for couriers

The main part of courier services, before starting to provide their services, thinks over how the delivery routing will take place. In the future, this automation will help reduce lead times. The good thing about planning work is that it reduces shipping costs. Optimization of accounting will allow the client to receive low prices for services.

Therefore, the company has to identify its capabilities. It is worthwhile to understand exactly how long it takes for the service to complete the task. The courier itinerary will vary depending on the departure. The construction of routes for couriers should be optimized through different construction options. The city of location of the point of departure with the region is divided into transportation areas. For example, it may be a small package that needs to be moved a short distance. Also taken into account:
finding the sender and recipient;
availability of appropriate transport;
one or more cargo will be shipped.
So, for the delivery of a large parcel, a vehicle of the optimal size can be used. The program for the courier service helps a lot in the work.

Why does a courier need a navigator?
Now delivery to the address through the Yandex system is carried out by pedestrian delivery companies. They know which territory they will have to work in, so customers will receive orders faster, without having to stand on a waiting list. Automatic work of the navigator of couriers along the route will allow you to work faster. With the help of the program for couriers, the route is built and easily implemented.

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