Delivery Automation

How to automate order delivery correctly?

Delivery of orders is automated through a special mobile application. This service is in demand both in online stores and distributor companies.
The service brings the courier work management system into a single process. After that, there is an automatic control of the work of all processes, including transport.
Automation of goods delivery processes consists in the fact that the company offers to install a special mobile application for the courier.

How does the delivery program work?
1. The program for the courier service plans the delivery on the Internet along the route, taking into account the logistics. At this stage, it becomes clear what task a particular courier will have.
2. Work along the route is automatic. Couriers on their devices receive the necessary information, for example, about the transportation of food.
3. Reporting is monitored. The data on the performed operation is immediately sent to the admin panel.
The good thing about the automation of the delivery of goods is that it allows the courier service to reach a new, more efficient level.

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