Courier App

What tasks does the application solve?

Alpha Solution develops mobile programs for logistics and business management, including custom services and support for Android and iOS. Automation of courier services for the delivery of food, medicine, flowers and other products is our mission. The software includes a courier program for planning and optimizing delivery routes.

The service includes:
- Admin panel - a website for administrators and operators to manage partners, couriers, track orders and operate them, configure system parameters.
- Courier applications on the phone - to receive orders and track them.
- User panel - to search for goods, create orders with visual monitoring of their transportation and the distance traveled.
- Partner section - to receive and organize declared and made purchases, payments and debts, as well as monitoring the availability of goods, etc.

The route optimization service panel includes a translation to the navigator for couriers through the application, which creates optimal routes with taking into account the congestion of roads, modes of transport, cargo parameters and other factors. Uses GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, etc. Designed for movement:
- on foot;
- by bicycle;
- by motorcycle;
- by car.

For courier service application includes:
- tracking in real time;
- chat with an operator;
- viewing earnings and debt.

When distributing requests, the dispatcher has to process a large amount of information. The service makes these tasks easier.Through the admin panel, the operator sets up the control of couriers, including the search for the contractor, the way of his movement, the number of ordered products. The program allows the dispatcher to track on the Internet:
- the status of the order;
- the actual time of the order;
- the reason for the failure.

Tracking program couriers helps the operator make up-to-date decisions on requests, inform the customer about delivery delays, track communication with the client, avoid order failure.
The courier simply needs service, because:
- all data always at hand upon request;
- user-friendly interface filters order statuses;
- you can call the customer directly from the application;
- the ability to develop a route taking into account traffic jams through the Yandex navigator.

Alpha Solution software designed to optimize deliveries and our long-term technical support will simplify the management of your logistics and your business

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