Analytical admin panel

Doing business is impossible without regular analytics. Therefore, the Alpha Solution service has created a special administrative dashboard for its partners.
The statistics panel is a service for tracking the dynamics of business development. Administrators of partnership agreements register on the service and get access to the database. With its help, you can get the actual results of the activity of your own enterprise (business), on the basis of which the partner carries out the reconfiguration of all processes.

Thanks to statistics, an entrepreneur can:
- Carry out optimization.
- Reduce costs.
- To better understand the interaction with customers (target audience).
In the database, you can view all orders by status, percentage of growth and loss, profitability from goods or services, increase in customers and leads. The database displays 'top' and little-demanded goods or services, the average time for order processing, cooking or waiting time for a courier, etc. The service shows statistics on the parameters set by the admin: per day, week, period, month, etc.

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