How PUSH notifications work for applications

Smartphone screens often have pop-up windows that tell the user about unread messages or remind them about something. Sending is done on the Android operating system and on iOS. This happens with the help of a new tool that has proven to be great - the push notification app.

Courier apps allow you to receive instant push notifications of order arrivals and appointments from online stores and delivery services.

How to implement Push technology in Android.

The push notification service works with all known browsers and is applicable for any device.

So how do I set up push notifications on android? If the user clicks the "Allow" button in the window that appears, it is definitely sent to the client base. You need to make a single click on the site. In order to verify an informed subscription, the user needs to send the welcome message.

Together with the analysis of information it is necessary to carry out an appropriate newsletter and advertising for consumers. It is also possible to send emails to a single user's device thanks to email.

You may have this question: how do push notifications work in Android?

  1. - They send information from the server to the mobile apps. These are usually short messages with a maximum of 300 words in characters.
  2. - With the help of such messages companies can notify their customers about bargain offers, show delivery time or payment amount.

This option is advantageous because SMS can be seen even on blocked phones.

What is Push Service on android

With push notification, new messages appear in the notification panel and a new pop-up window appears. This is effective for both the sender and the recipient. The app helps to bring the customer back to the site and for subscribers to be notified of all the events that have happened.

Push Notifications Android Studio is an integrated environment with which tools are available to create various applications. This platform allows us to see the changes that are happening in real time. With such a tool, we can positively influence the sales and promotion of the company, as well as personalize the applications.

You also need to figure out what types of push messages are coming to your device:

  1. - Notifications from apps installed on Android. The client can change the functions in the settings.
  2. - Alerts coming to your mobile from the website through your browser. To do so, the customer must personally sign up for the newsletter information.

How iOS Push notifications work

iOS apps can't stay in the background for long. To save battery power and APPLE traffic, the apps run in limited action. But how do you find out about something interesting even if the app isn't running? With push up iOS notifications. It performs the following actions:

  • - allows you to see the written text;
  • - makes it possible to get a short beep;
  • - shows the number on the program icon badge.

Apple push phone owners can use different actions. For example, play the sound and message, but do not show the number on the badge.

What are in-app notifications

In-app notifications come when the visitor is inside the app. Used for promotional and context-sensitive emails. Their advantages are high conversion rates, but some users may perceive it as spam. So how do you make them unobtrusive? The first time the app is launched, you should gently ask if the person wants to receive a notification in the future.

Unfortunately, such an alert is often blocked. In order to prevent this from happening iOS apps need to be made as attractive as possible and explain how it can be useful.

Personalization is a crucial component in customer loyalty. It is advisable to find out about the visitor's preferences and thus the most suitable content can be created. Playful elements are a non-boring form of encouragement for the guest. This can be accomplished with stickers, badges and other types of awards.

Many people love alerts, but few want to read them. This requires the use of short contextual constructions. In this way, users can read the displayed information without going to a separate screen. The in-app notifications make an undeniable contribution to in-app updates which saves time for the users.

Today, the smartphone is a versatile device. In a day, we get a lot of messages that are shown to us on a locked gadget. That's a huge plus: seeing information without taking your eyes off the important stuff.

Delivery service software with push notifications is a useful marketing tool that positively impacts sales and promotion of companies.

Delivery service aggregator

Logistics is the basis without which it is impossible to organize a dynamically developing online trade. With the growing supply of the market, the need to fulfill orders quickly, delivery aggregators offer comprehensive, efficient solutions, help grow your business, and provide appropriate customer service. Developed by Alpha Solution, the end-user-oriented application provides an opportunity to make all kinds of purchases conveniently and get the goods on time.

Benefits of delivery service aggregators for online stores

Having studied the reviews on Yandex Market most analysts found out that product delivery is one of the most important elements in the commercial platform.

Delivery aggregator for online stores for Android and iOS provides users with rational ways of using their system, which guarantees increase of website traffic, attraction of new customers, significant improvement of service level.

Acting as an intermediary between the consumer and the store, a functional IT tool allows you to choose the most appropriate delivery method:

  • - food
  • - of medication
  • - industrial goods
  • - flowers, etc.

Automating the delivery of groceries and other products gives you the opportunity to reach a specific target audience, to do detailed analysis:

  • - the number of orders, rejections, returns
  • - deadlines.

Aggregators, integrators and consolidators are a modern trend that brings a lot of interesting solutions related to a better presentation of the store's offer and the system of getting the goods. They provide:

  • - an additional sales channel
  • - reducing the cost of logistics services, warehousing costs
  • - order tracking
  • - increasing the quantity, improving the quality of the orders fulfilled.

Integrator is a simple tool that provides the opportunity to work directly with the supplier and the buyer, bypassing intermediaries. The app's notification system, order tracking, arrival time prediction, use of promo codes, and the ability to evaluate the service guarantees the attraction of new customers, which directly leads to an increase in in-store sales.

Courier delivery aggregator helps to build a logistics line for transporting goods to buyers. The service allows you to choose:

  • - a suitable courier service
  • - courier delivery method: on foot, by bike, by motorcycle, by car to the chosen address at home or at the office
  • - scheduled, express transportation.

How to properly integrate with delivery services

When selecting a product, service provider, you need to check whether it can be integrated with the e-commerce platform used in the online store. Integrating shipping for online stores with an aggregator is a process that involves linking your website's system to the selected carrier's system. It provides an automatic change of order status at a certain stage, which enables the buyer:

  • - to track shipments on an ongoing basis
  • - receive email notifications
  • - SMS messages
  • - contact the courier directly by phone.

Automated transport to the end consumer simplifies document management, helps avoid mistakes and saves time and money. The Order Aggregator allows you to compare prices for transportation, choose the most profitable solution, while getting access to discounted rates. The more delivery options a store offers, the more likely it is to attract a wider audience of potential customers with its offer.

Ecommerce delivery systems allow you to adapt convenient payment methods according to the needs of customers. Logistics aggregators can help you organize your business and run it efficiently and effectively.

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