Where to start a delivery business?

In the business of selling goods, it is important to automate the courier service, which allows the client to save time and effort. Delivery logistics can be automated using an application developed by Alpha Solution.

Delivery business
Admin panel

All kinds of management of the client's application, for example, displaying patners, catalogs, promotions, etc. in the application, as well as managing couriers, partners, system settings and much more are implemented through a multifunctional admin panel

Order Management

Operators can view orders, assign and change a courier, edit the order status, edit the cart in certain statuses, track the order on the map


All transactions created in the system are displayed in the Accounting section, where you can also view the debts and earnings of couriers and partners, create transactions manually and export a file with a report.


The admin panel keeps statistics of orders, couriers and partners. Statistics can be viewed for any selected period.

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